Transition Time…again: Dating

I reposted this after I deleted a pic I wasn’t to happy about.

Lenny Schmidt

imagesW3CNA3OURelationships, The thought of a new relationship was a lot of things for me. It’s scary, creepy, awful, bad, painful… notice a theme? This was a transition I thought I’d never go through again. DATING!!??? Ugh! A new relationship with a new person? Blah! Now I have to learn someone elses crazy? I have to find someone who will put up with my crazy? This means I have to be nice to strangers again. Crap. Most importantly, what kind of relationship do I need?

Transition to: Reluctance

I don’t need a relationship with ANYBODY!! After a divorce, many people get right back in to another relationship just because they think they should be in one. After spending over a third of their lives married, it’s what they know best. However, I was not in a hurry to get back out there. Everyone tells you their opinion though. “You need…

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