Just because.

Lenny Schmidt

Dear “Politically Correct” College student,

I was at a Starbucks when I read your letter. At first, I thought it was hilarious. Especially the part where you explain context to the guy who helped write, develop and produce one of the most successful comedies in television history. Good for you. That must be why “Seinfeld” couldn’t get past 172 episodes. Hopefully, Jerry will take your advice and get it right next time. However, it wasn’t long before I became annoyed. Sure, part of it was the clouds of smoke from a mob of Armenians sucking down annoying cigarettes like there was a prize for the first one who gets black lung. Normally, nothing is more annoying to me than cigarettes. However, your letter was. I’ll explain.

First, I don’t want to tell you how to be a “Politically Correct” College student. That’s something I know nothing about. Writing a letter…

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