One Year Closer to Death

Back in LA next week…

Dec 8th: Flappers, Burbank – Main Room. I love this place!! Come out and seed Lenny tell jokes on his Birthday Eve.

Dec 9th: BIRTHDAY (Year closer to Death)

Dec 11-12: Jr’ Comedy Club, Valencia, CA – This is a headline set. Meaning not 10, not 20, not even 30 minutes of comedy….. try 50 MINUTES!!! That is correct. That’s what headlining is all about, baby. Take the ride up to Valencia. And don’t be all whiney…”But Lenny, Valencia is soo far, I’m so tired…” Blow me. It’s 15 minutes from the Valley. Make an effort. Plus, it’s in a Marie Callender’s, which means there’s pie. So shut up, start the car and head north.

Ticket and club info? click HERE FOR THE TOUR PAGE


Be there, or get coal for Christmas.

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