NYFS Ep. 10 “Suicide Prevention”

This is Part II of the Suicide episode we recorded. This time around we try to focus on prevention. Warning signs to look for. How your kids can be aware of those signs in others.

On a somewhat lighter note, I mention my upcoming show in Hollywood….. but give no info at all. For those of you interested, here ya go:

Sunday June 24th
@BarLubitsch @ 8pm
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Hollywood, CA

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NYFS Ep. 9 “Discussing Suicide”

“Discussing Suicide” – Not Your Fathers Show Ep. 9

The suicide rate raises every year. “Thirteen Reasons Why”, Anthony Bourdain, Kate Spade, Robin Williams… Children hear about more often than ever. Robert and I discuss ways to discuss suicide with your kids. Informing them, getting information from them, Listening to what your kids see, hear, and experience… Ways to communicate with your kids about a serious subject.

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NYFS Ep. 7 – “Guns and Depression”

We recorded this just after the Parkland shooting. We wanted to wait before we put it up, just because. However, the sad truth in this country is that school shootings happen far too often. Add the handful of shootings that have been prevented in the last few weeks…. This is an epidemic that we can’t, yet still, ignore.

Robert and I didn’t want to discuss politics here. We wanted to focus on the sad truth that we are forced to live in a world where we send our kids to school a little more afraid every day. Depression, teaching your kids to be aware of the people around them, Bullying….. these are all daily realities for all of us.

Sadly, we have to be aware of all of them.

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NYFS Ep. 6 – “Learn to Lose”

This one is inspired by my daughter who was overly excited about the “C” she got on an English test. It’s dedicated to the “Trophy Generation”. Robert and I discuss achievements, coming in second, rewards, failure, hard work, accomplishments… and why none of those are bad words.

We also learn I really need to learn how to pronounce “Millennial Generation” and I need to by a pop filter.

NYFS Ep. 4 – “The Smartphone Babysitter”

BOOM! Four episodes in.

Robert and I once again become distracted and discuss different forms of therapy, teaching your kids to be “Present”, and numerous therapy terms that mean the same thing before we actually get to the point… Smartphones and how use (not overuse) them to keep your kid occupied and where to draw the line.


NYFS Ep. 3 – “Is you kid a bully?”

Not Your Fathers Show Ep. 3 “Is your kid a bully?” is up.

I’m a day late, for the 3 people that are keeping track. This is also the shortest episode ever. Mainly because I am traveling this week. I’ve learned the road doesn’t car. Whether I’m on a Greyhound, cruise ship, or an airplane…. the road just doesn’t care.

Robert and I discuss kids being bully’s. We start with start with an internet video a Father made to discipline his son. Then, move on to other things like how many Martini’s I can drink and my recent physical. We eventually get back on track and discuss what it’s like when your kid is a bully.

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