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Chasing the Dream, literally. 

   This has been my view for the last 3 days.  Scheduling snafu got me to St Kitts just in time to see the Carnival Dream sail away from the port. So in the last 55 hours, I’ve….   

been in and out of an airport 8 times, two hotels, 7 cabs, 20 bottles of water, 7 phone conversations with my daughters, a Nathan’s hot dog, a Manchu Wok 2 item special, curried lamb, one emergency trip to the bathroom, a re-evaluation of my travel diet, lb of asparagus, an orange, melon, more water, propositioned by 2 hookers, 6 cups of coffee, one pool dip, 5 hard boiled egg whites, one screwed up reservation, TSA shakedown in St. Kitts,  followed immediately nice jester by a stranger, 5 tabs of Aleve (now I’m out), several almonds, and now… I have to hop on a 18 seat prop plane for the last hour of the trip…. oh yay. 

The upside? I got to watch most of the @angietribeca marathon on #TBS. Hilarious!! It’s like Police Squad meets airplane. So good. So much so it inspired me to find time to write. 2 hours breaking down the act, and 2 hours on a script. I’m still living the Dream, while I’m chasing the Dream. 

If all goes well, I should hit the #Punchliner stage on the #CarnivalDream tonight!! Hang in there Fun Dude and @larryomaha. I’m coming. 

I hope.