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“Kids ALIVE!!!” (Chicago) Comedy class/show for kids

We are finalizing the list for this class Chicago (Rosemont) Price is $200 per student.

For more info – send an e-mail to me ( or the lovely people at

So many people have asked me “When are you teaching your kids comedy class in the Chicago area. I used to answer “I dunno?” Not anymore.

I will be teaching and running the “Kids ALIVE!!” @ Zanies in Rosemont the weekend of March 5-6. The class is for kids ages 8-18. It was originally set up as a fundraiser for the Faison family. The students were limited to friends a family, until now!! We’ve decided to open it up to everyone. All of the info is below. There are just a few spots left. Read the post below, and if you have an 8-18 year-old that’s in to comedy, SIGN THEM UP!! –Or if you just want to take your kids to a fun, clean, family show, send an e-mail to me ( or the lovely people at ———————————————————————-

Annette Faison is battling cancer. Her husband Paul has quit his job and takes care of her and the family full time. All proceed from the class and show will go to the Annette, Paul and their to children.

“Kids: ALIVE!!”IMG_5571

“Kids: ALIVE!” is a comedy/Improv class and show for kids, by kids!! It’s a unique experience for your child. A weekend full of classes, instruction, and creativity that ends with a live show. “Kids: ALIVE!” is different from other comedy or Improv classes for children. It doesn’t follow a strict structure, or force your child to do things our way. Our focus is to see what they do best. Let the kids be themselves. Some right funny jokes; they’ll tell jokes. Some are great at Improv; They’ll do Improv. Whatever works for them. The point is, NOT ALL PERFORMERS ARE THE SAME. We give each child the freedom to do their thing. See what they can bring to the table. Then, we put it all together in to a live show and let your kids hit the stage. Almost all the material is created by the kids, so naturally, kids love the show. It’s a comedy show by kids, for kids.

“Kids: ALIVEIMG_5531!” is produced, directed and taught by Lenny Schmidt, a professional in the Entertainment Industry for nearly thirty years. With Television appearances on such shows as “Bones”, Castle, and “Desperate Housewives” and the films like “Joe Dirt” and “The Ugly Truth” Lenny has been pretty busy those thirty years. Most of it in live comedy. Besides studying and performing Improv at Chicago’s “Improvolympic” under teachers such as Del Close, Adam McKay and Neal Flynn, he’s headlined Stand-up shows in Clubs, Colleges, and Cruise Ships all over the world. Most important, Lenny has been working with children for the past ten years. In fact, whether it’s performing “Family-Friendly” comedy shows on cruise ships, or teaching this very class in the Los Angeles area, Lenny doesn’t just “teach”, he helps children discover their comedy talents. That’s very important. When kids are given the freedom to create, discover and perform, the result is a level of confidence that is immeasurable. Kids come ALIVE! Lenny has made a difference in the lives of numerous students and parents alike…

IMG_5491“…Lenny Schmidt is an amazing instructor. He gave my daughter confidence to stand up in front of an audience with his incredible ability to create peace in a child’s mind & spirit. Since taking his class, she has blossomed into a confident teenager. I can’t thank him enough for his guidance for her.” 

—Christy Cox (Parent)


“…Lenny worked tirelessly with those kids, turning them into a miniature troupe of funny and confident sketch
performers, each with their own personality shining through. The end result was a performance that was truly entertaining, a joy for kids and parents, and a great experience for everyone involved.”

— Mike Brennan (Parent)

“…My son IMG_5507Sean was always the kind of kid that would hang back and watch others participate, so I
was thrilled when he asked to join this class. I figured he would have fun; I had no idea how much he would learn.  Lenny taught him how to get started writing. This has not only been a great creative outlet but, has also helped him in high school English. The class and final performances built up his confidence and now he auditions for every play and music production at his school. Most recently he was cast as the lead in ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ and he was told that his comic timing landed him the part.  Lenny is a great teacher, and the kids can feel how much he enjoys his craft and sharing it with them…”

—Gail Reilly (Parent)

The class structure is as follows:

Saturday March 5: (12pm – 4pm)

The first half of the day is all about discovery. The kids meet each other. They meet Lenny. They also meet Lenny’s daughters. Both girls have been acting and working with Lenny for most of the last ten years. They know this class backwards and forwards. Through a number of improve games, the kids learn to work as a team. As they do that. Lenny can begin to see your Childs strengths. The second half of the day is focused more on individual work. Whether it’s stories, sketches, “Top-Ten lists”, or jokes, we’ll see what your child is best at. This helps narrow in on what the students will do for the show. The day ends with more group work to keep the kids focused on working with each other. Everyone goes home with one thing to prepare for the show on their own.

Sunday March 6: (11am – 3pm)

We meet at 11am. Everything is on the table. Everything is rehearsed, tightened or dropped. Here we make sure the kids know what they are doing for the show. 2pm full is a Tech rehearsal.  The kids are no longer students. They have become “Cast”. We run the show from top to bottom. Everybody knows what to do and when. After this final step of prep

It’s SHOWTIME!!! (5PM)

Doors open at 4:30pm. Show starts at 5 sharp. Sit back, watch and laugh as your child takes center stage and becomes the star. It’s time for “Kids: ALIVE”.