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Schmidt Show – Saturday 10/3/2020 – 6PST

The timing is perfect for “Schmidt Show IV” – another live streaming Stand-up show by Lenny… How much..? For as little as a buck..? Yes.

Hi, it’s Jimmy from Westview. Here’s the deal, Lenny gets to go on the road and be a comic again. The Loony Bin gigs in Oklahoma City (10/7-10) and Wichita (10/15-17) have arrived. That means Lenny has to remember his act, AND mix it with new stuff and viola! What better way to do that than a “Schmidt Show”. Two ways to get a ticket.

1- Use the “Pay whatever the hell you want” plan: Seriously, pay whatever the hell you want. What is 45 minutes of Lenny telling “Ha Ha’s” worth? You decide. you can Venmo him (LennySchmidtComedy) or go to the ifucan page, and pick one of the several payment options (Paypal, Credit, Debit) Throw down some cash and we will send you the Zoom link for Saturdays show. It’s that easy.

2- Join the Patreon page. All Patrons get all kinds of stuff. A free monthly “Schmidt Show” is one of those stuffs. It’s a monthly membership for as little as… you guessed it, $1. There’s also a $10 and a $50 option. You can even pick an option where you…. “Pay whatever the hell you want”. The more you pay, the more you get. Simple. Check out the Patreon page and see all the different stuff.

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