The Beyond ORD podcast

This was released the same week my cd was released on iTunes. I didn’t give it enough attention. Time to fix that. 

I had the privilege of being a guest on “Beyond ORD” listen in as I sit down with my friend, fellow comedian, and manager of Zanies in Rosemont, Dan Carlson. We talk in depth about the business of comedy, life, family, the good old days, and the good new days. 

A great time and a great listen.

Zanies in Rosemont starts…. NOW

Lenny Schmidt kicks off a big week at Zanies in Rosemont tonight.


Wed-Thur @ 8pm – Lenny live onstage. Tons of new material since his previous Rosemont appearance.


Fri and Sat @8 and 10:30pm – join Lenny as he records his 4th CD “25: LIVE” commemorating his 25+ years on the stand-up stage.


Lenny sits down with Dan Carlson in the to discuss whatever the hell Dan wants to discuss on the “Beyond ORD” podcast from the Rosemont Zanies Green Room this week


Hitting the stage with Lenny this week will be two of Chicagos best; Fritz and Pat McGann.


Lenny returns to WGN radio AM720 ¬†@ joins Patti Vasquez Wednesday night on “Pretty Late” from 11:30pm to 2:00am¬†Wednesday night.

That’s a full week.

You have no excuses / you have been warned.