LSQC64 – Jeff Jena

Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy: Jeff Jena (LSQC64)

(LSQC64) Jeff Jena was on Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy: Simply put, Jeff Jena is a Pro. He was been perform in front of live audiences for decades. I first worked with Jeff on a cruise ship (go figure). This episode we discuss a whole lot of the personal business of stand-up. People would be surprised to know how many comics know each other, no matter what “level” their careers are at. Put two comics from any city, state, or country for that matter, and they could talk for hours.

Jeff and I kept it to just one. Enjoy!!

More on Jeff Jena:



Jeffs most recent comedy special “You’re Not An Adult At 18” can be found at the dry bar page – Facebook (Dry Bar) If you are still on the fence about Jeff… here’s a taste:

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As mentioned today on “Patchat”(live stream on IG), Here’s the commercal I did for about twenty years ago.  One of the best times I had shooting anything. The quality on this one is a little rough, but I really love this spot. Enjoy.



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