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Thank You Rosemont!!

Huge Thanks to everyone who came out to Zanies in Rosemont to see Mike and myself last week. I’m always moved and humbled by the support I get when I play in town. Even more so this week with Mike. It was great to work with my brother again. Great week. great to see so many great faces.

A huger thanks to Robbie Gandy Davis and Donna Buettner, the BIGGEST COMEDY SUPPORTERS EVER!!! An even bigger Thank You to all those who came in from out of state. My supporters and Patreon members Ben Maggle and his wife Molly, Laurie Solonka, Shawna Johnston who all made special trips in to Illinois.

Special Thanks to the everyone at Zanies in Rosemont. Anne, Mike, Mark, Larry, Tom, Brittney, Corine, Miranda and of course Chris Lange.

Until the next time!