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Total Schmidt Show (TSS25)…. LIVESTREAM!!

Total Schmidt Show…. LIVE!! (TSS25) with Michele Balan and Ellen Orchid.

We’re giving this a shot.

Michele Balan is a comic from NY (Obvious) and a friend. She was on “Quarantine comedy” during the stupid Covid. Ellen Orchid is a comic from NY (not as obvious, but still) who was a guest on a ship I was working. We were on one ship, Michele on another…. it was destiny. Sit back and enjoy us babble about jokes, ships, tequila shots, work, New York, LA, more tequila shots…. All live form the Thirsty Cougar Seaside Boozery and Kitchen in Cozumel, MX.

There will be many more of these

This is only the beginning.

Here’s how it’s gonna work moving forward, “Total Schmidt Show” will always stream Tuesdays at 6pm PST on YouTube, and be released as podcast every Tuesday. However, a couple times a month, “Total Schmidt Show” will live stream from somewhere in the world. The live stream will only be available to Patreon members. Get involved, LIVE CHAT, make comments, ask questions… anything goes for the Patreon members. That live stream will be edited, and released as an episode the following Tuesday. Get it? Watch the Livestream=Patreon member / Edited version=weekly Tuesday stream.
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BTW, members also get merch, behind the scenes clips, live stand-up shows, shout-outs, downloads, free albums… the more ya pay, the more ya get!!

Watch the episode, you’ll get it.