TV taping at The World Famous Comedy Store – Aug 4th

“State Your Minds Comedy”

Sunday August 4th I’ll be involved in a unique TV/taping/pilot presentation thingy.

Come by the “Belly Room’ @TheComedyStore and catch A live taping with myself, Ben Gleib, Bill Devlin, and Mary Gallagher. “State Your Minds Comedy” is the show where the audience gets to ask the questions. We tell jokes, you ask whatever you want after.

Here are some options.

  1. Where did that Joke come from?
  2. Has the most recent PC culture forced you to rethink your writing process?
  3. Who’s your biggest influence?
  4. What’s the quickest way to get out of Bakersfield?
  5. Why would anyone want to go to Bakersfield?
  6. So, you’re going with that shirt?
  7. Are you single?
  8. How much money is in your wallet right now?
  9. How can I book you on a show that will make you famous?
  10. . What’s on your face?

I’ll have more questions throughout the week.

Be there




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