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Tour Dates up!!!

All kinds of great tour news, Vegas, LA, Chicago, cruise ships AND....... Lenny and his brother Mike Schmidt will both be at @zaniesrosemont July 8-10, with a special Wed 7/7 live stream of "Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy. Lenny and Mike on the same stage.... "WHAT!?!?" That's right. It's been almost twenty years. In fact, Last [...]

“Match for Myrtle”

Reconnecting Comedy Returns!! A huge "Thank You" to all who helped get RC5 on line this time around. John McClellan, Steven Briggs, Cody Dove, The Mulligans, Keith Runyon, Brenda Runyon, Myrtle, Steve Goodie, Charlie Hughes, Anna Schmidt, and of course, Lenny Schmidt. The return of the live/streaming/sketch/improv/video/interactive/taped/funny/comedy show was a huge success. Don't believe me...? [...]

May 1 – Reconnecting Comedy 4!!

"Reconnecting Comedy 4" streams live May 1 @6pm PST Reconnecting Comedy is a live/streaming/sketch/improv/video/interactive/ taped/funny/holiday/comedy show. It's produced bi-monthly and livestreams on YouTube. It's an Interactive show that features content from numerous artists. "RC4" will feature John McClellan, Steven Briggs, Cody Dove, Anna Schmidt, Lily Schmidt, Brad Tassell, Steve Goodie, Lenny Schmidt, and a sketch [...]