Be there or you have failed me.


July 7: Rosemont, ILZanies Rosemont A special live streaming of “Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy” featuring a number of Chicago comics who have previously appeared on LSQC.

July 8-10: Rosemont, ILZanies Rosemont 3 nights / 5 shows with Mike Schmidt. The two haven’t worked together in nearly 20 years…… when they got in a huge fight and didn’t speak for 12 years. TIX for the “Hope things go better this time around” tour are on sale now….. AND GOING FAST

July 15-18: Chicago, ILZanies Old Town

July 31: North Hollywood, CA“The Comedy Chateau”


August 7-16: Carnival freedom

August 20-27: Norwegian Encore (Alaska)

August 27 – November 3: Norwegian Encore (Alaska)

November 3-10: Norwegian Encore (Alaska)

November 10-17: Norwegian Encore (Alaska)



October 11-17: Las Vegas, NVBrad Garretts Comedy Club