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2015 “Laugh Your Asheville Off” Comedy Festival

8 thoughts on “Stand-up

  1. Just saw you on Carnival Splendor last week. My whole family loved your shows. Your interaction with the audience is the best.

    1. Steve! Thanks so much. I had a blast. What a great crowd. Had a rest time on #carnivalsplendor as well. Enjoy ‪@CarnivalEnt ‬as well.

  2. Caught your act on Carnival Vista (Sept. 2019). Thanks for the laughs.

    1. You are welcome. Thanks Leo.

  3. Hi Lenny! Saw your act on Carnival Inspiration last week (three times). I’m the guy that left his wife in Long Beach. Love your work! Thanks for a ton of laughs!

    1. I remember. Thanks man. Hope she wasn’t mad when u got home.

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