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A year ago….

This was the night of the live taping of my last album, “Secret Daddy” (which you can actually buy at , BTW) 😉

I miss my job, I miss telling jokes, I miss performing live, I miss the travel, Man I miss the money…. I miss my friends. I have been fortunate to meet so many amazing people in my 32 year career. But this group is special. …..

I was always moved and touched by the support I got from hometown friends. So many Bolingbrook, Romeoville, and Chicago area friends I’ve known since long before I grabbed a microphone came out to see me when I was in town. I looked forward to every trip to Zanies. Larry Worden , Michael Garcia, Edward M Szostak Christine Perkins-Steinbacher Cheryl Lockhart Corrine Herbeck Rodriguez A. Dan Leleika Beth M. Shields-Szostak Alex Hernandez Patricia Ferrin Mike Urso Michael Gerber Paul Davis Jeanne Hussey Johnson, Katy McGann, You never knew who or what was going to happen. Like when Len Urso flew in from Florida MULTIPLE TIMES, bringing his wife, HIS MOM, getting the band back together… When Gar would just pop in without telling me and I could hear his laugh out in the darkness… When Tad Jensen would send shots to the stage after I told him not too… Katy McGann and Zack McGann driving through snow form Indiana, The sounds of John Koga saying “F*&king Lenny…” quietly from the back of the room…. I could literally write this post for days… DAYS I TELL YOU!!!

I am truly blessed to have so many wonderful friends. So may came out to support… and continue too. Many in this pic joined my Patreon page, subscribe to my YouTube, Buy my albums, pay for streaming shows…. they support all the streaming content that I Produce to make a living now.

I love this pic. There are people I’ve known for 40 minutes, and 40 years…

I truly am blessed.