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Chinook Winds Casino

PORTLAND, OR………. sort of.

Yet another restraining order has expired and I am now allowed to reenter the state of Oregan. (I say HA!! to that stripper in Bend. I told you it wouldn’t be forever.)

Feb 28-29 I will be appearing at “Comedy at the Coast” at the Chinook Winds Casino.  CLICK THIS LINK TO ORDER TICKETS.  Catch myself, the very funny Roy Haber, and the Seattle native Monica Nevi at 8pm each night.

Chinook Winds Casino is located in Lincoln City, OR which is a mere 2 hours away from Portland. 2 HOURS!!? That’s nothing. Here’s a list things you could do in 2 hours.

  1. Go to the DMV
  2. Have an impacted wisdom tooth pulled.
  3. A flight layover in Tulsa
  4. Go to a Justin Bieber concert
  5. Drive anywhere in LA
  6. Laundry
  7. Wash your ex-wifes car with a SOS pad
  8. Parent-Teacher conferences.
  9. Write this post
  10. Drive to see Lenny Live @Chinookwinds Casino