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Hello, new Lenny Schmidt followers!!!

So many new faces. Thank You Soo much for signing up for and following the site / blog. So many cool thinks happening right now. My Dry Bar special “Schmidt Happens” was just released. The new digital download “Live with it” will be available soon, and this website will be updated and brand spanking new in a few weeks. While you’re at it, head over and subscribe to my YouTube page “Lenny Schmidt Comedy Network” and get access to over 300 hours of original shows and content*. You’ll find stand-up, sketch, podcasts, live streams, shorts, interviews….. dozens of comedy options at your finger tips.

What kind of shows, glad you asked.

(All shows stream at 6PM PST, with occasional LIVE STREAM EPISODES!!!)

“Total Schmidt Show” (Every Tuesday)
Lenny takes you around the world to clubs, cruise ships, and countries and chats with other artists and entertainment professionals who do the same. Most episodes will stream on Tuesdays. But the schedule on this one may move as much as Lenny does.

“Not Your Father’s Show” – (Most Mondays)
NYFS is hosted by Robert Robbins and Lenny. An informative and humoristic look at being a parent in the twenty-first century. These kids are different than we were.

“Big Schmidt / Little Schmidt” (Most Wednesdays) Anna Schmidt and her side-kick Lenny (Dad). Every week Generation Z explains life to a Boomer.

Thursdays: It’s TBT!! Could be anything pulled from the LSCN library that has previously aired. It’s a “Throw Back Thursday!”

Fridays: Funny Fridays -uploads of clips of Stand-up, Live Shows, etc. (Patreon Members Only)

“Lenny Schmidt’s Quarantine Comedy” The show that started it all. LSQC streamed live during the lockdowns. Over 189 episodes chatting with Artists, performers, and Professionals in the entertainment industry. We talked about what they did, how they adjusted, and what they did to get through the stupid “Covid.”

“Reconnecting Comedy” is a live/taped/stand-up/viral/sketch/improv/uploaded/ comedy show. It features numerous entertainers from around the globe. Members from Lenny’s “Patreon Page” writers group also contributed. It’s kind of like SNL, but not.

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