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Lenny Schmidt — Live in St. Charles, IL

Every winter, it’s the same thing. People complain about the Cold, the Snow, and Jay Cutler. The only brights spots are when Santa and Lenny Schmidt come to town. Every December,Santa packs up his toys and heads out, stopping at all the boys and girls houses in along the way. In a similar fashion, Lenny packs up his warm clothes and heads to the midwest, stopping at all the Zanies along the way. However, this time, there’s a twist…

Lenny Schmidt will be playing 2 straight weeks at one club; Zanies in St. Charles.

Dec 18-21
Dec 26-28

What? “No one does that” you say? Unheard of?? F%$k YOU!! Lenny does.

Pheasant Run will never be the same.