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Lenny Schmidt Quarantine Comedy – 4-20-2020 (CORRECTION)

Lenny Schmidt Quarantine Comedy
every Mon-Fri at 6pm PST:
It was brought to our attention here at the Copa that there was a video issue with yesterdays post. It has been corrected.
Apologies. Yet another screw up by our tech department. They are nothing if not consistent. A staff of completely incompetent morons. All tech for Lenny Schmidt Industries, Bellemay Productions, and here at the Copa is handled directly by the AV department of Westview Middle School. They have been reprimanded. Detentions have been handed out. They will fail you again.
Todays video: (LSQCV11)
A story about when my Mom beat up your Mom. 
You’re Welcome.
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You’re Welcome.