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Lenny Schmidt: Quarantine Comedy – Fri 4-10-2002

Catch my Facebook live video every Mon-Fri 6pm PS / 9pm ET for a quick blast of comedy. I will follow that up with a video upload to my website. Jokes, sketches, TV, Stand-up, shorts…. A little “Ha Ha” to get us through a hard time.

Tonight: “The First Weekly State of the Apartment Address”
Check in with Lenny and the girls and see how things are going at Copa Towers during the “Stay at Home” Quarantine.

The girls and I have shot numerous videos and sketches over the years. Haven’t done any in quite a while. What better time to start up again than when we are locked in to a small apartment together?

Enjoy. CU Monday!!

LSQC5v- Fri 4-10-2020