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Lenny Schmidt – Return to “Grand Theft Audio” and Santa Monica


Big week of shows coming up.

If you check the Upcoming Shows link. you’ll see Lenny returns to Santa Monica’s Westside theater Saturday June 8th

Kicking off the week, Lenny will return to “Grand Theft Audio” on “Radio Titans” internet radio and podcast on the Monday June 3rd show. Lenny will stream live with the boys from 10-11 am.

Grand Theft Audio is like “The View” on Doritos, steroids and Coke. Everyday Live from Hollywood, Jake Belcher and Brant Thoman take a mostly humorous look at the people, places and events that have rocked the city and the planet. A wild mix of entertainment, pop culture, politics, and just about everything else. Always with great guests including the top comedians, comedy writers, musicians, sharp political minds, and stars in the nation.