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“Match for Myrtle”

Reconnecting Comedy Returns!! A huge “Thank You” to all who helped get RC5 on line this time around. John McClellan, Steven Briggs, Cody Dove, The Mulligans, Keith Runyon, Brenda Runyon, Myrtle, Steve Goodie, Charlie Hughes, Anna Schmidt, and of course, Lenny Schmidt. The return of the live/streaming/sketch/improv/video/interactive/taped/funny/comedy show was a huge success. Don’t believe me…? Here’s one of the videos from the live stream. “Match for Myrtle” features Brenda Runyon as Myrtle, Julia Bendis, and Charlie Hughes. Great work everyone.

Remember, this show is free, unless you don’t want it to be. If you would like to pay or support the hard work put in to this show, we will gladly accept. Simply go to and chose one of the several pay options. Paypal, Venmo, CashApp, Credit Card… or CashApp or Venmo @LennySchmidtComedy