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Merry Christmas to ALL

santa_clausDear Other People connected via interweb;

Merry Christmas

When I say that, I say it with love to ALL!! I mean it. Today is Christmas, enjoy it. Have a great day. Just enjoy yourself. I wish you good fortune. Get it?

Please know when I say “Merry Christmas” I don’t mean “Only enjoy the day if you believe in Santa Claus.” Don’t be mad that I cannot look at you and immediately know what you think or believe. I’m just trying to wish you well. See? “Merry Christmas” is really just short for “I wish you and yours happiness and health.” Not “You must believe in Santa as I do or screw you and whatever you believe!!  I am right, you are wrong. Only my imaginary character and subsequent beliefs around it can be the right one!!! I hope you trip and twist something you may need at a later date!!” Okay? It’s really just open to interpretation.

If I said “Merry Christmas JERK…” There’s really no interpretation there. If a stranger (or loved one) walked up to you with a big smile and said “You are a Jerk…” You are probably a big jerk, cause “Jerk” , pretty much means “Jerk”. Plain and simple. It’s a pretty straight forward insult.

But, that’s not what I’m saying

I’m saying “Merry Christmas”