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Quarantine comedy 5 nights a week!!!

Lenny Schmidt’s Quarantine Comedy
every Mon-Fri at 6pm PST: on Facebook
You get two things.
1) A quick Facebook live post. It’s me LIVE!! It’s a chat, a “Q&A”, jokes, sometimes a guest or two… A daily comedic look at life in Quarantine. followed by…
2) A short comedy video posted to my Facebook fan page. It’s a sketchYou can watch, laugh, enjoy or make fun of it.
It’s short, sweet, funny and free.
Want even more content???
Jump on the my Patreon page. (MRLennySchmidt) Members only get tons of other content, wich may include:
– a monthly Zoom writing session. sit in with me a other Patreon Members and help me      write new jokes. I’ll help you write jokes. We’ll help each other!!
– At least 2 LIVE comedy shows monthly. These shows will be interactive! I’ll combine my    show with new material, stuff we write from the session. I mention you in the show
– A free download of my last two albums; “Big Room” and “Don’t Hate Stupid”
– Be the first to get the new album “Secret Daddy”
– Clips from previously recorded live shows
– A personalized signed Headshot
– Tickets to see me live when I come to a town near you.
– A DVD copy of all uploaded content AND the live shows.
– Some Toilet Paper
All for as little as $5 monthly. The more you pay, the more you get.. it’s a whole thing.
You are Welcome my friend.
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