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Quarantine comedy 5 nights a week!!!

Have you finished the internet? Good, now what?

Catch “Quarantine Comedy” @mrlennyschmidt on Instagram.

I will live stream every Monday-Friday @6pm PT / 9pm ET. I’ll answer questions, interview my teenage roommates, maybe do a little live comedy….. a quick little comedy check-in 5 nights a week.

During each live stream, I will upload a video to my website. It could be anything. short films I’ve been in, recordings from live shows I’ve done, TV shows, commercials, shorts we’ve already started shooting here at the Copa… I have tons of content, let’s watch it. Let’s do this people. In fact, lets start now

As mentioned today on “Patchat”(live stream on IG), Here’s the commercal I did for about twenty years ago.  One of the best times I had shooting anything. The quality on this one is a little rough, but I really love this spot. Enjoy.



On tap for Monday: The short film “Some Kinda Joke”