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Sat 12/26 – ReConnecting Comedy Show returns!!

A live/streaming/sketch/improv/video/interactive/ taped/funny/holiday/comedy show produced live on the interweb.

What better way to say “Good Riddance” to 2020 than Live streaming comedy?? “Reconnecting Comedy” returns Dec 26. Same cast of characters, and a few surprises. There’s Christmas stuff, Covid stuff, comedy stuff….. alot of stuff. Watch the show, LIKE the show, SHARE the show, you can even get involved in the show. You will have the chance to type questions about next year and our Improv “GENIUS” will answer them LIVE during the show. Thanks for watching.

***As with most of the stuff I produce on the intraweb, it’s free OR you can join the “Pay Whatever the hell you want” plan. Simply watch the show. If you enjoy it and can afford it, pay for it. If you enjoy it but can’t afford it, just enjoy it. See how that works..? We take as little as $1 – a buck!! for comedy? Come on!!

Several options to pay, just go to:

Either way, enjoy the show.SHOW LESS