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Schmidt Show VI: Sat 11/7/2020 @6pm PDT

What? Another live streaming stand-up comedy show..? Tix now on sale for Schmidt Show VI. How much…? Why, “Whatever the hell you want to pay” of course.

So popular the first time, why not do it again..? The “Pay whatever the hell you want plan” is simple you go to THIS LINK, pay whatever the hell you want. You can use a credit card, debit, Paypal… or just Venmo me (LennySchmidtComedy) $1? $5? $27.43? $10,000…? Really anything. As little as a buck. Make the payment, I send you a link. You watch the show and laugh. It’s that simple.

SSVI is the “after” of SSV. In the last show…. I was trying to remember jokes, adding new jokes, stuttering, confused…. I used it to prepare for the road. This time around, it’s 12 shows later, I remembered everything. This show promises to be much, much tighter.

I look forward to seeing you This Saturday!!

PS: Everyone who bought a ticket for SSV will get a free ticket to this weekends show. ——- That’s how I roll

You’re welcome.