The new album “I am Still Here” on ITunes–NOW!!

Pre-sales for my new Comedy album “I am Still Here” start today!!

Pick a link:

DOWNLOAD @ $9.99


This album is a result of 8 months of hard work. Well, three months hard work-a corrupt hard drive-a month of sulking-two weeks searching for the raw footage-two months hard work-a dropped hard drive in the ocean-two weeks of sulking-several days of downloading (this time) backed-up files-two weeks of hard work and VOILA!!!!!!

I’m very proud of this. 45 minutes of (99%) never recorded material. In fact, only 3 jokes from my previous CD’s. Where my previous work focused on being a husband and a family man….. Well, this doesn’t. Call this the “Divorced, single Dad” album.

Long story short— BUY IT


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