2 thoughts on “To Blog or not to Blog??

  1. At some point, I think life becomes “Indifference” for us all. It’s a PJ song off Vs., their second album. Reading your thoughts on paper seems second nature to me, it’s as if all of us were born to illustrate….or write, or that they are of my own creation. But then again, aren’t all humans….born with some inherent trait that is easy to see and identify….especially if you’re one of the brood. Your words easily influence me to smile, stare blankly or lift my head to gaze off in deep thought. I look forward to reading more, brother…and I hope for the outcome to be exactly what you’ve sought….though I think we all know that all we can really do is jockey for the most comfortable postion….. all the while takin’em in the gut.

  2. Lenny

    Well written looking forward to more.


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