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Total Schmidt Show (TSS30) Sean McGibbon

Sean McGibbon and I talked about good gigs, bad gigs, and mentally preparing yourself when you are knowing you are walking in to a nightmare gig. Sean is a theater kid who’s background includes tap dancing and an amazing run with the one and only Julie Andrews. It’s an amazing story that happened when he got his equity card. Really talented cat. We also chatted about the furure of live entertainment, which seems to come uop quite a bit lately with my fellow live performers. I ran in to Sean on the Norwegian Getaway where he was playing Jerry Lee Lewis in “Million Dollar Quartet”. Immediately, after the recording, we found out Jerry had passed. The show did a touching tribute to him that evening. If you ever get a chance to see “MDQ”, do yourself a favor and go. I suggest the same if you see Sean’s name anywhere. Great talk.

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