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Transition Time… again: The Journey

I first wrote a piece called “Transition Time…again” a little over a year ago. It was about the transitions my life has gone through over several years. That particular piece can be found on “Shea Magazine” at www. — I have since written a few others. Most of it was about my divorce. Most of it will never find it’s way on line. I’ve reread all of it over the last couple weeks. It’s some pretty angry stuff. I was going through therapy while I wrote most of it. I used the writing to really deal with my anger. I am very glad I didn’t post it when I wrote it. However, I’ve really grown more and more drawn to the format.

I’ve always been very open on the stage. My act is about my life, the good and bad. In fact, I’ve discussed some of the worst moments of my life on a stage at one time or another. In the last several months, I’ve been writing, re-writing, reading, working on myself on a number of levels. I have reached a point in my life where I have never been so positive or optimistic. Why? Life for me has become more about acceptance than expectance. Old Lenny expected things, new Lenny has learned it’s better to accept things. The two but heads occasionally, but it has been an eye-opening journey. I’d like to try to make “Transition time…again” a semi-regular piece about this journey. So, let’s start from the beginning;

1. Parenthood