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Wichita Loony Bin – PG stand-up show 10/17 @ 5pm

Stand-up Comedy for the whole family at Loony Bin Saturday 10/17 @ 5pm

6 shows at the Loony Bin in Wichita this weekend. 10/15-17…. One of those shows is rated PG.

After years of working with kids, performing and church and social funtions, and hundreds of family Friendly” shows on a cruise ship, the Loony Bin and I decided to give the families of Wichita a chance to come see some clean comedy. this isn’t a “kids show” mind you. No balloons or clowns. just stand-up comedy for those who like it on the cleaner side. A full 45 minute show of “PG” rated stand-up. Like the show? You can even grab a copy of my most recent “PG” rated album.

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1 clean show this weekend. Saturday 10/17 @5pm