Lenny Schmidt: Quarantine Comedy – Mon 4-6-2020

Catch me live on Instagram every Mon-Fri 6pm PS / 9pm ET for a quick blast of comedy. I will follow that up with a video upload to my website. Jokes, sketches, TV, Stand-up, shorts…. A little “Ha Ha” to get us through a hard time.

Tonight: The short film “Some Kinda Joke”
“a guy walks into a bar…….” Award winning short film (Best screenplay short Dances with Films 2000) Directed by Alan Altur starring Jimmy Pardo, Lenny Schmidt and Steve Seagren . written by Alan Altur and Steve Seagren

What can I say about this film? Shot twenty years ago, this short features a HUGE chunk of talent from Chicago. Stand-ups, writers, actors…. most of us were new to LA at the time of shooting. No agents, no work, totally unemployed… we had dreams, goals and a lot more hair.  anxious to jump in to the next stage of our careers.  Twenty years later… many of the people featured here have gone on to do some amazing things. Others, did cruise ships. We shot it in a just a handful of days. Had way more fun than we should have. Think about it, 20-30 comedy professionals hanging out for a weekend…. come on.

The bar itself was built on a soundstage. The exteriors were shot at a separate location a few days later.  (Fun Fact; the Lakers won the NBA Championship the same night we shot. We had to avoid sirens, parties, and chaos. But, that meant the police were too busy to ask for our permits, which we did NOT have)

Another fun fact…? Rumor has it Rick Nielson of “Cheap Trick” was a big fan of this movie.

Enjoy. CU Tomorrow!!

LSQC1 – Mon 4-6-2020

“Some Kinda Joke”

A Blast from the past. I sometimes forget how much fun it was to shoot this. And look… THIRD BILLING!! This was shot my first year in LA. Take a gander and see how many faces you can spot. Tons and tons of very talented Chicago comedians, writers and actors who have all gone on to reach success in so many different areas of show business. Very proud to be a part of this.

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