Lenny LIVE IN L.A. this week!!!

The dramatic increase in local L.A. shows has begun!! Couple shows this week. All A material. That's how I roll. JUST ADDED!! Wed Aug 21 - Flappers in Burbank @ 10pm http://www.flapperscomedy.com/site/index.php Friday Aug 23 - Fake Gallery in Hollywood @ 10:30pm http://www.voiceplaces.com/los-angeles/class-of-chicago-comedy-festival-2155871-e I may not be listed on the both websites, but I am on both shows.

Did a lot of work on Radio Titans this year. Courtesy of Carl Kozlowski. here are two of the shows I did earlier this year Lenny on Radio Titans - "Pajama Party" - Comics, conversation, and lots of fun Lenny on Radio Titans "The Koz effect" - A pseudo real news show. In this episode, we cover [...]

Lenny Schmidt – Return to “Grand Theft Audio” and Santa Monica

Hey, Big week of shows coming up. If you check the Upcoming Shows link. you'll see Lenny returns to Santa Monica's Westside theater Saturday June 8th Kicking off the week, Lenny will return to "Grand Theft Audio" on "Radio Titans" internet radio and podcast on the Monday June 3rd show. Lenny will stream live with [...]