Hey, New Dates!!!

Time for a complete calendar update!!!

July 20-23: Carnival Inspiration
July 23-26: Carnival Inspiration
July 26-30: Carnival Inspiration
July 3-Aug 3: Carnival Inspiration

August 5-8: Carnival Horizon
August 8-12: Carnival Horizon
August 18-25: Norwegian Bliss
August 25-Sept 1: Norwegian Bliss

Sept 1-8: Norwegian Bliss
Sept 10-14: Carnival Victory
Sept 14-17:Carnival Victory
Sept 20-23: Carnival Dream
Sept 23-26: Carnival Dream
Sept 28-Oct 1: Carnival inspiration

Oct 3-6: Carnival Splendor
Oct 6-9: Carnival Splendor
Oct 11-13: Zanies- St. Charles, IL (Pheasant Run)
Oct 17-20: Zanies- Rosemont, IL
Oct 22-24: Carnival Fascination
Oct 27-Nov 5: Norwegian Breakaway

Nov 7-11: Carnival Horizon
Nov 11-17: Carnival Horizon
Nov 17-21: Carnival Horizon
Nov 29-Dec 2: Carnival Magic

Dec 2-5: Carnival Magic
Dec 15-22: Norwegian Epic
Dec 22-29: Norwegian Epic

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NYFS Ep. 10 “Suicide Prevention”

This is Part II of the Suicide episode we recorded. This time around we try to focus on prevention. Warning signs to look for. How your kids can be aware of those signs in others.

On a somewhat lighter note, I mention my upcoming show in Hollywood….. but give no info at all. For those of you interested, here ya go:

Sunday June 24th
@BarLubitsch @ 8pm
7702 Santa Monica Blvd. West
Hollywood, CA

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NYFS Ep. 9 “Discussing Suicide”

“Discussing Suicide” – Not Your Fathers Show Ep. 9

The suicide rate raises every year. “Thirteen Reasons Why”, Anthony Bourdain, Kate Spade, Robin Williams… Children hear about more often than ever. Robert and I discuss ways to discuss suicide with your kids. Informing them, getting information from them, Listening to what your kids see, hear, and experience… Ways to communicate with your kids about a serious subject.

#parenting #parenthood #Parentaladvice #Parentingtools #Fatherhood #Motherhood #Relationships #Suicide #13reasonswhy

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