Lenny Schmidt: Quarantine Comedy – Mon 4-6-2020

Catch me live on Instagram every Mon-Fri 6pm PS / 9pm ET for a quick blast of comedy. I will follow that up with a video upload to my website. Jokes, sketches, TV, Stand-up, shorts…. A little “Ha Ha” to get us through a hard time.

Tonight: The short film “Some Kinda Joke”
“a guy walks into a bar…….” Award winning short film (Best screenplay short Dances with Films 2000) Directed by Alan Altur starring Jimmy Pardo, Lenny Schmidt and Steve Seagren . written by Alan Altur and Steve Seagren

What can I say about this film? Shot twenty years ago, this short features a HUGE chunk of talent from Chicago. Stand-ups, writers, actors…. most of us were new to LA at the time of shooting. No agents, no work, totally unemployed… we had dreams, goals and a lot more hair.  anxious to jump in to the next stage of our careers.  Twenty years later… many of the people featured here have gone on to do some amazing things. Others, did cruise ships. We shot it in a just a handful of days. Had way more fun than we should have. Think about it, 20-30 comedy professionals hanging out for a weekend…. come on.

The bar itself was built on a soundstage. The exteriors were shot at a separate location a few days later.  (Fun Fact; the Lakers won the NBA Championship the same night we shot. We had to avoid sirens, parties, and chaos. But, that meant the police were too busy to ask for our permits, which we did NOT have)

Another fun fact…? Rumor has it Rick Nielson of “Cheap Trick” was a big fan of this movie.

Enjoy. CU Tomorrow!!

LSQC1 – Mon 4-6-2020

20/20/20 – June 5th – Hollywood

Tonight is the night!!

Come out an catch the first show Mike and I have done together in about 16 years.

Do it now, cause we’ll probably get in to a fight and not do another one until I’m 66.

3 people – 60 minutes – 1 show

I’ll be at 20/20/20 @ Three Clubs – 1123 Vine @ 7:30pm The show is Lizzy Cooperman, Mike Schmidt, and myself. You can get tix here. – CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS

Be there, Don’t be an ass.

202020 All

Monday @ Three Clubs in Hollywood – 7:30pm

It’s Friday. If you anything like me you freaking out thinking “What the hell am I going to do Monday!!” Problem solved.

I’ll be at 20/20/20 @ Three Clubs – 1123 Vine @ 7:30pm The show is Lizzy Cooperman, Mike Schmidt, and myself. You can get tix here. – CLICK ME FOR TICKETS

This show is a big deal for several reasons:

  1. I’m working with my brother. That’s pretty cool in itself.
  2. We each get 20 minutes. That’s a concert by Hollywood standards
  3. If you know my brother and I, you know Mike and I have not shared a comedy stage in almost 17 years. That’s a long time. Thing were different back then;
        1. Bread was like $1
        2. Gas was free.
        3. Dinosaurs roamed the Earth.
        4. Trump was a psychotic narcissist who made rash decisions and destroyed everything he touched with no remorse or concern for the devastation or pain he was causing to others…………. nevermind

4. The last reason is I’m Hollywood ya lazzy ass. How much closer do you need me to be? Until someone books a gig in your frontroom, this is it

Also. if we stay true to form, Mike and I will get in to a huge fight and not talk to each other for another 15 years. You have to wait till 2031 to see us perform together again.

And my Russian is not good, so that show will suck.

Again, tickets???  – CLICK ME FOR TICKETS

Be there, Don’t be an ass.

“Some Kinda Joke”

A Blast from the past. I sometimes forget how much fun it was to shoot this. And look… THIRD BILLING!! This was shot my first year in LA. Take a gander and see how many faces you can spot. Tons and tons of very talented Chicago comedians, writers and actors who have all gone on to reach success in so many different areas of show business. Very proud to be a part of this.

A Copscotch Production