Newly updated Patreon Page!!

WHAAAAAAT!?!?!?! There have been changes to the Patreon Page?!?! New Tiers? New Stuff? New FREE STUFF!?!?!?! In short, YES!! Have an interest in becoming a monthly supporter?? Want some free stuff? Albums? Downloads? Headshots? Content? Want access to every episode of "Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy?' How about a group writing session with Lenny?? You can [...]

Lenny Schmidt Quarantine Comedy – 4-20-2020 (CORRECTION)

Lenny Schmidt Quarantine Comedy every Mon-Fri at 6pm PST: It was brought to our attention here at the Copa that there was a video issue with yesterdays post. It has been corrected. Apologies. Yet another screw up by our tech department. They are nothing if not consistent. A staff of completely incompetent morons. All tech [...]