Iā€™m sorry šŸ˜­

I can’t apologize enough for not making it to Vegas last night. I didn’t know so many people flew in to see me. What was supposed to be a cool vacation, and a show…. was ruined by stupid snow. It couldn’t be helped, but I’m sorry nonetheless.

For those of you that can stay he extra day and have bought tix for tonight. I’m Thank You. I will try extra hard not to suck.


Vegas, Baby…!!

Mother Nature has decided my week At “Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club” in the MGM Grand will start a day late. Stupid snow.

April 16-21
Catch me and my good friend Jimmy Shubert live, on stage, all week long. Telling Ha Ha’s and tearing it up.

Want tix? CLICK HERE

Last Weekend @ZaniesRosemont

Let’s wrap it up people.


Buy tix HERE!!

PS: šŸ™‚ – $3 tix for 2nites 10:30 show. use code word WILD at check out.

This is really it. its been a great two week run here at home. But, I’m gone for at least a year after Saturday.

You have no excuses.

This is on you.

If you don’t show up…… I will look upon you with disgust.

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