Good News / Bad News (for Chicago area)

First, the good news!!

Next weekend is my last visit to the Chicago area until 2018. One of my FAVORITE clubs!!

Sept 28-30 Back @ Zanies St. Charles in Pheasant Run resort

Sure, it’s Bears/Packers Thursday night. But when that game is over about half way through the first quarter…..Come on out. See me. The show. New jokes. Old CD!!

Be there or you are dead to me!!

Bad news – the Oct 20 @ The Cafe – Mequon, WI 

how has been cancelled. BOOOOO!!! My apologies to the many followers who were looking forward to the show. I got several messages, comments, etc from so many who were looking forward to my return to the cheese state. Apologies to all. I will do my best to return to the wonderful state of Wisconsin. Until then, BOOOOOO to the cancellation.



Loony Bin in Wichita Jan 5-7!!!!


It’s 2017, and you know what that means……. Another restraining order has been lifted!!!! BOOM! This months lucky city is Wichita, KS, Who says getting old sucks??

I make my triumphant return to Wichita @ the Loony Bin Jan 5-7!! I’m a little older, a little wiser, much better looking, and down to only a couple vices (most of them legal). So this time, LAWYERS NEED NOT APPLY.

Come out this week and see me and tons of new material I’ve whipped up over the last few months.

Be there or I hope your 2017 sucks.




Winners Circle in (South) Lakeland FL – TONIGHT!!!


OMG…. This is tonight..?!?!?!

Yes it is. Come and see my first and only 2016 appearance in the great state of Florida!!

For most of you, This is an awesome little place. Great menu, atmosphere, drinks, good times, and comedy. Tonight, that will be me my friends.

For the rest of you, this is a Yoder gig.

Either way, if you are near Lakeland, FL. Come on out tonight and laugh!!


Winners Circle in (South) Lakeland FL – Dec 16!!!



A one-nighter in the middle of Florida. My career is on fire!!!!

It’s close to my Mom’s, close to some friends…. Any justification I can use to explain why I’m in the middle of Florida at 52 instead of crossing “finished successful 10 year run on a sitcom” of my career goals list.

Either way, if you are near Lakeland, FL. Come on out and laugh!!