2019 kicks in to high gear this February

The schedule is filling up with big stuff:

  1. New CD “Don’t Hate Stupid” drops February 19 from Lenny Schmidt and #800poundgorillarecords
  2. A week of funny with the very talented Tommy Drake on board the Carnival Glory starting Feb 6th
  3. A return to the original home club…. Zanies on wells in April
  4. A week of funny with the amazing Jimmy Shubert at Brad Garretts in Vegas (April 15-21)
  5. A return to the Norwegian Epic in late February.

A complete schedule update on the GIGS page.

Much more to come in 2019…….

…….unless I forget how to be funny. Then, nevermind.

Hey, New Dates!!!

Time for a complete calendar update!!!

July 20-23: Carnival Inspiration
July 23-26: Carnival Inspiration
July 26-30: Carnival Inspiration
July 3-Aug 3: Carnival Inspiration

August 5-8: Carnival Horizon
August 8-12: Carnival Horizon
August 18-25: Norwegian Bliss
August 25-Sept 1: Norwegian Bliss

Sept 1-8: Norwegian Bliss
Sept 10-14: Carnival Victory
Sept 14-17:Carnival Victory
Sept 20-23: Carnival Dream
Sept 23-26: Carnival Dream
Sept 28-Oct 1: Carnival inspiration

Oct 3-6: Carnival Splendor
Oct 6-9: Carnival Splendor
Oct 11-13: Zanies- St. Charles, IL (Pheasant Run)
Oct 17-20: Zanies- Rosemont, IL
Oct 22-24: Carnival Fascination
Oct 27-Nov 5: Norwegian Breakaway

Nov 7-11: Carnival Horizon
Nov 11-17: Carnival Horizon
Nov 17-21: Carnival Horizon
Nov 29-Dec 2: Carnival Magic

Dec 2-5: Carnival Magic
Dec 15-22: Norwegian Epic
Dec 22-29: Norwegian Epic

If you want to be technical, click here and go to the GIGS page

Back to the “Coal Mines”

I know, it’s not a “Coal Mine”. It’s a metaphor.

Another fantastic summer vacation with my beautiful daughters has come to end. It’s off to school for them, and back to the stage for me.

If ya think about it, they got the worse deal here.

Book a cruise. Come out to the Caribbean, Mexico, or my September return to the Chicago area…..wherever I may be.

If you dn’t come out and see me live….. you suck.

August 13-17: Carnival Imagination
August 18-25: Carnival Legend

August 31-Sept 4: Carnival Conquest
Sept 4-9: Carnival Conquest
Sept 9-12: Carnival Conquest
Sept 14-17: Carnival Liberty
Sept 18-22: Carnival Splendor
Sept 28-30: Zanies @ Pheasant Run Resort-St. Charles, IL

Oct 5-9: Carnival Splendor
Oct 12-15: Carnival Imagination
Oct 15-19: Carnival Imagination
Oct 23-27: Carnival Inspiration
Oct 27-30: Carnival Inspiration
Oct 31-Nov 3: Carnival Freedom

Nov 10-13: Carnival Inspiration
Nov 15-21: Carnival Magic
Nov 26-Dec 3: Norwegian Getaway

Dec 3-10: Norwegian Getaway
Dec 11-15: Carnival Elation
Dec 21-26: Carnival Magic