2019 kicks in to high gear this February

The schedule is filling up with big stuff:

  1. New CD “Don’t Hate Stupid” drops February 19 from Lenny Schmidt and #800poundgorillarecords
  2. A week of funny with the very talented Tommy Drake on board the Carnival Glory starting Feb 6th
  3. A return to the original home club…. Zanies on wells in April
  4. A week of funny with the amazing Jimmy Shubert at Brad Garretts in Vegas (April 15-21)
  5. A return to the Norwegian Epic in late February.

A complete schedule update on the GIGS page.

Much more to come in 2019…….

…….unless I forget how to be funny. Then, nevermind.

Lenny Schmidt Fan Club?

I do. Here’s all two of them. They printed their own shirts and everything.

Last night of the cruise.

My “Fan Club” surprised me with a early birthday cake. They stopped the show and over 200 people sang “Happy Birthday” to me. The week started and ended with these to throwing me off my game. A week full of surprises. The guys are even taking orders for those shirts. I took this pic after. It’s Jim, Vince, myself, and the very lovely Alexsis who also came to every show.

A truly great week on he Carnival Magic. Great crowds, Great shows, Great People.

I am blessed and humbled.