The Beyond ORD podcast

This was released the same week my cd was released on iTunes. I didn’t give it enough attention. Time to fix that. 

I had the privilege of being a guest on “Beyond ORD” listen in as I sit down with my friend, fellow comedian, and manager of Zanies in Rosemont, Dan Carlson. We talk in depth about the business of comedy, life, family, the good old days, and the good new days. 

A great time and a great listen.

9th Annual LYAO Festival is in the books


An amazing week in Asheville, NC. Kick ass talent on stage…. and BACK stage. I was honored to be part of it. Thrilled to be brought in to the group. Thanks so much to Charlie Gerencer and Ryan Folks. As well as Suzie Shields, Cha Cha, Andy Shields, Steve Peirce, :Lauren, and everyone on the industry panel; John Moore, Eric Yoder, Reven MacQueen, Jondra Darden, and Marc Lund. Thanks!! Everyone. Pat your selves on the back. You deserve it. How do you top this year? Next year is 10!!!!