Thank You Wichita!!!!

Great week working with Chad Miller and Meghan Welch @loonybinwichita. Thanks to everybody in Wichita. Crowds were dynamite all week. Great staff all around. Biggs, Whiz, Penny, Cali, George, even Jeff Jones was in this week. A very special Thanks to Michelle, who was nice enough to sit down for a little "Q&A". Loony Bin [...]

Lenny Schmidt @ Wichita Loony Bin – Happens now!! 

Here's what Lenny Schmidt has been up to since he last played Wichita... Brutally murdered on "True Blood" Shot to death on "Bones" Killed off on "Desperate Housewives" Things can only get better, right? 5 hilarious shows in 3 nights at Loony Bin in Wichita  this week.  Check out the video below for a Little preview.  [...]

Thanks Loony Bin-OKC

Big shout out to everyone at the Loony Bin in OKC. Larry, Terri and the whole staff, Angie, Jay, Mike, Stephanie, everybody. Thanks so much. Big week with the Thunder win. Glad I could be there. I look forward to the next time.  A special thanks to all those who came in of the web/Facebook [...]