Single and loving it

I had a blast talking about being single and loving it on the “SINGLES ONLY” Podcast with comedian Paul Farahvar and Patti Vasquez. Well, Patty's married. She's kind of the ying to Paul's and my Yang. We talk about dating, living, monogamy, being "present" and of course....Tiffany Haddish. Listen and subscribe here: Singles Only Podcast w/ [...]

Zanies in Rosemont starts…. NOW

Lenny Schmidt kicks off a big week at Zanies in Rosemont tonight. CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS!!!! Wed-Thur @ 8pm - Lenny live onstage. Tons of new material since his previous Rosemont appearance. Then... Fri and Sat @8 and 10:30pm - join Lenny as he records his 4th CD "25: LIVE" commemorating his 25+ years on [...]