Your wait is over.

Tonight – Tuesday March 12 – 7:30pm @FlappersComedy – Yoo Hoo room (they may or may not serve Yoo Hoo)

I suggest you get there early and eat food. I’m funnier on a full stomach.

Be there, or I will find you!!!!!~

Flappers in Burbank!!!

Tuesday March 12th

That’s right LA (and area, let’s not get picky).

I am literally in town 1 night. ONE NIGHT!! I could take the whole day off, but NO! I chose to go to the dentist the tell some Ha Ha’s in Burbank. I’m inviting you to the latter.

Link for tix RIGHT HERE.

You have no excuses.

Be there or you suck.

Headlining Flappers June 10!!

Hey, look who’s back at Flappers!!

It’s me. This time, I will be your headliner. What does that mean? It means the Yoo Hoo Room will be packed to the gills with people watching me close out the 9:30 show Wednesday June 10th. Worried you can’t get in? Don’e be stupid…. I HAVE COMPS!!!

IM me and I will set you up, make you laugh, and personally shake your hand after the show.

What a deal. Be there or you are dead to me.